In order to reduce my apprehension over starting art projects I want to try and break the cycle of having a perfect idea in my head, being unable to bring it to realization, and ending up feeling frustrated and disappointed in my inability. It seems like the cycle should be broken my simply being okay with my art not being as good as I want it to be, but that has proved incredibly difficult and unsuccessful, especially when I am actively fighting to start any art projects at all.

Instead I am going to try to break the cycle in a different place. Instead of attempting to create the perfect ideas in my head and ending up feeling disappointment I am going to purposefully not draw those ideas. Instead I will write down the idea, so they can be returned to at a later date, and draw them purposely badly – as nothing more than simple stick figures. This should both lower the pressure of starting, allowing me to interact with these ideas as they come, rather than clinging on to them doing nothing and feeling frustrated, and break the cycle of feeling my art is not good enough.