Who am I. Or more aptly, who do I want people to see. Here I have the opportunity to present myself in any way I want, and all I can think is to fill the space with disclaimers about how everything you read on this site will be awkward and weird. Because I have no Idea what I am doing. So everything feels pretty weird.

I guess I just want to say that this is something I am trying. I’ve been through some things, and I have found that writing down words can help. I kinda like writing. Which was quite a surprise to me. And I kinda want to show people my writing. As absolutely terrifying as it is.

My name is Niko. I like dogs. Particularly my dog. His name is Pearl. I go to art school. Sometimes I love it, sometimes it scares me, and times it has made me scare myself. Sometimes I feel isolated and alone. And sometimes I feel happiness burning so strong it feels as though it will tear me apart. I find myself feeling like “the only one” sometimes. So here is my effort to change that. To be one more voice yelling out of the void, I feel that too.

So here is what life has been like for me.